Exploring the Issues

Exploring the Issues

About this activity

About this activity

Suitable for all schools. Supports the Geography National Curriculum

Londoners make 3.6 million daily journeys by motorised transport which could be walked, at least in part. 40% of these journeys would take less than 10 minutes to walk for most people.

Why not explore travel issues in your school community with this fun discussion activity for students, ideal for both TfL Explorers and TfL Pioneers Ambassadors. The objective is for students to better understand why certain travel issues are happening and to come up with a travel project idea which comprehensively addresses the root causes.

Encourage your students to engage with identified travel issues within their schools' community with a focus on the key causes of these travel issues.  For example, traffic congestion outside school.  The resources are designed to facilitate and structure a discussion about the effects of key travel issues, with a clearly signposted process to further explore potential solutions.  The aim of the activity is to encourage engagement in the potential for behaviour change within their school community.

There are three key resource sheets to support this activity:

1. Exploring the Issues 'Travel Issues Survey'

2. Exploring the Issues 'Mapping'

3. Exploring the Issues 'Token and Solution Bank'

Activity steps

Discover the issues
Conduct a Travel Issues Survey using our template to discover which issues students feel most strongly about.
Now use our ‘Exploring the Issues’ discussion activity to map out the causes, effects and solutions to the main issues from your survey. Use extra copies of the resource in order to allocate different travel issues to sub teams.
Identify root causes
Enter the top travel issue(s) in box 1 and ask students to identify the root causes in box 2.
Select potential solutions
Cut out the image tokens for effects and solutions and ask them to stick in boxes 3 and 4. Students should discuss which solutions would be most effective in addressing the issue in question and which would be most engaging for their target audience.


  • Consultation
  • Curriculum

This activity counts towards:

  • Consultation
  • Curriculum

How it helps

  • Develops understanding of Travel Issues
  • Supports the development of a travel project
  • Identifies the most effective solution