Top Schools Awards

Every year, the Top Schools Awards recognise London schools that have gone above and beyond in encouraging and promoting active travel. This year, 200 schools across the capital entered - all meeting a very high standard.

Whether your school has been part of the programme for years or are new to our programmes, we want to hear about the amazing things you have achieved. To receive a TfL Travel for Life Top Schools Award you’ll need to have done something a bit special.

Maybe your project was really creative or innovative, or maybe you’ve got powerful evidence that you changed the way people travel. Maybe you just started on the programme and brought a new energy to it, or did something that inspired others make changes.

If you’re proud of what you and your students have done, or if you’re an impressed parent or carer, put in a nomination for your school.  

Check out the incredible Top Schools Awards which were held at the Kia Oval on May 22nd 2023!  Congratulations to all our nominated schools, winning schools and overall winners. It was an amazing celebratory event and we look forward to making next year even better!

TfL Travel for Life Top Schools 2024

All schools are divided into four regions, North, South, East and West

TfL Top Schools 2024:

We are already looking forward to celebrating the success of all accredited schools for 2022-2023.  We aim to host these events in the Spring term 2024.  These awards will be in recognition of schools who have worked to make significant travel behaviour changes during the academic year 2022-23.  Our seven categories have been developed for 2024 and full descriptions can be found on the nomination form:

Please note you can nominate your school for one or all of the categories!
Please note that the TfL Travel for Life Top Schools Awards will take place in May 2024.  This has been moved back to avoid the Mayoral Election purdah period.  Please note the deadline for nominations has been extended further to Friday 22nd December 2023.  We are delighted with the exceptional number of nominations to date!

Please click here for the nomination link.

Top Schools 2023

These awards recognised schools’ engagement, efforts and innovation with the accreditation programme.

Congratulations to all our Top Schools Finalists!

Top Schools Champion:

Joseph Clarke School - North London - Overall London Winner

Drapers' Academy- East London

Wickham Common Primary School - South London

Newnham Infant & Nursery School -West London 

Top Newcomer:

Chase Lane Primary School - North London - Overall London Winner

Gaynes School- East London

Overton Grange School- South London

Dr Triplett's CofE Primary School - West London

Biggest Impact:

Davies Lane - North London

Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Primary School - East London

Clare House Primary School - South London 

Brentside High School - West London - Overall London Winner

Most Innovative

George Spicer Primary School - North London

Mandeville Primary School - East London

Telferscot Primary School - South London - Overall London Winner

Mayfield Primary School - West London

Top Influencer

Ferry Lane Primary School - North London

St Angela's Ursuline School- East London - Overall London Winner

Dog Kennell Hill School - South London

St Helen's College - West London Region 

Active Travel Heroes

Downsell Primary School- North London

Rose Lane Primary School - East London

Earlsfield Primary School - South London

Preston Manor School - West London Region  - Overall London Winner

Active Travel Heroes

Raynham Primary School - North London

St Angela's Ursuline School - East London

Darrick Wood School - South London

Queensmead Secondary School - West London  - Overall London Winner

Top Schools Awards 2024

Our Top Schools Awards took place on Monday, 22nd May! We were so pleased to be back in person, with teachers and students, at the Kennington Oval for the big Awards ceremony. It was a chance for us to recognise creativity, impact and commitment to active travel by the 28 regional finalist schools.

The morning started with our fabulous compare Chad Dunham, and Will Norman, introducing the day and presenting our first award. We then went straight into a poetry session led by Francesca Beard. Francesca demonstrated how we can use poetry and language to share a vision of the world we want, and use that to influence people and their choices.

We were also delighted to welcome Destiny Boka Batesa, youth campaigner for clean air with the Choked Up campaign group, to the stage. Destiny wowed us with her confidence and passion, a real role model for how young people can bring change to their communities. After lunch, our very own Michael Kitchen led the fantastic Street Design Challenge, with resources that helped the students create their dream street setting. We had a fantastic team of STEM Ambassadors supporting the students, as did our new Accreditation team! Here's what one pupil had to say about their experience:

‘Today was really fun and interesting as we got to design our own street and we won an award! I liked listening to people that worked in TfL jobs’

The day was a fantastic success with some wonderful and inspiring questions being raised by the pupils, such as: How is TfL planning to create a greener community whilst staying affordable?’. We are really looking forward to sharing the feedback from our Team to these amazing questions and pledges.

TfL Travel for Life Top School Champions Awards 2022-2023